Via Alta Vallemaggia

Foto: Christian Ferrari

This trail takes you on a journey through Val Sambuco to discover the source of the River Maggia. The river presents itself in two different guises, namely as a fast-flowing stream and as a tranquil reservoir. From the dam above Fusio, the trail climbs to the abandoned mountain farmland of Larecc and continues along a ledge overlooking the blue Sambuco fjord.

 Later on, the forest thins out, giving way to vast meadows on the left side of the valley—the sunny, panoramic side. Stretching out below you is Campo la Torba, one of the oldest and most prized mountain pastures in the region, long disputed between Airolo and Fusio. Later on, the path continues past the elegant Narèt reservoir, adorned with numerous natural lakes. A short interlude in the upper Torta Valley, a side valley of the Bedretto Valley, enables you to circumvent the famous Cristallina massif to reach the Capanna Cristallina mountain lodge. A milestone in modern high-altitude architecture, the lodge was newly built and inaugurated in 2003.

Technical Data

  • Stage length

    18,9 km

  • Height difference ascent

    2180 m

  • Height difference descent

    900 m

  • Maximum height

    2575 m

  • Duration

    08:45 h

  • Difficulty


Attention! The walking times indicated refer to walking time without breaks and are calculated on the basis of parameters defined by Swiss Hiking Federation and experience. The actual walking times will therefore generally be higher, especially for longer stages.

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