Via Alta Vallemaggia


Foto: Roberto Buzzini

Would you like to experience an adventure along the Via Alta Vallemaggia? If you wish, you can rely on a trained guide who will know how to lead you in complete safety along an itinerary that will allow you to discover extraordinary alpine landscapes.

From summer 2022, the Associazione Via Alta Vallemaggia, in collaboration with its professional partners, offers the following guided treks:

Trekking dei camosci

Departure on 23.07.2022

The "Trekking dei camosci" runs along the first part of the Via Alta, from Cardada to Fusio. The itinerary takes 6 days and includes an overnight stay at Alpe Nimi.

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Trekking dei laghetti

Departure on 03.09.2022

From Fusio to Fusio in 5 days along a circular route offering varied and spectacular alpine landscapes, passing by the slopes of the Basodino Glacier.

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Trekking delle aquile

Departure on 30.07.2022

A 4-day itinerary for an unforgettable mountain experience suitable for "beginners" on high routes. The starting and ending points are in Onsernone Valley.

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Are you fascinated by our ridgeway experience and would you like to challenge yourself along the Via Alta Vallemaggia? We suggest you the Bosco Gurin-Cimalmotto stage. To fully enjoy this experience, we recommend you to sign up for one of the guided hikes proposed.

Bosco Gurin-Cimalmotto

Departure on
16.07 / 06.08 / 13.08 / 20.08 / 28.08.2022 / Su richiesta

This itinerary invites you to discover the high mountains along a path that doesn’t present particular technical difficulties and offers a one-day.experience suitable for a wide audience.

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Are you looking for a tailor-made offer? We invite you to contact and plan a personalised accompanied trek with your guide.

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