Via Alta Vallemaggia

Foto: Marco Volken

After several days spent among various shades of stone, the scenery today is all about flora: from the vast pastures of the Bosco Gurin Valley to the wetland region of Chummuheij and from the pale hues of the lichens clinging to the rocks to the more intense hues of shrubs such as heather, rhododendron (“Alpine roses”) and blueberries. 

Around the Quadrella Pass are small scattered groups of dwarf trees marking the transition to a forested area: on the Valle di Campo side, a magnificent larch wood with thick undergrowth draws you in. This section of the route is short and easygoing, giving you plenty of time to admire it, to study your surroundings closely and perhaps discover new species or watch butterflies, insects, earthworms and spiders in their acrobatics: the closer you look, the more you will discover. Today’s destination is Cimalmotto, a pleasantly anarchic village built of wood and stone. A visit to the church is a must with its frescoed portico: an extraordinary work of art in this place in the middle of nowhere.

Technical Data

  • Stage length

    7,1 km

  • Height difference ascent

    390 m

  • Height difference descent

    900 m

  • Maximum height

    2224 m

  • Duration

    03:00 h

  • Difficulty


Attention! The walking times indicated refer to walking time without breaks and are calculated on the basis of parameters defined by Swiss Hiking Federation and experience. The actual walking times will therefore generally be higher, especially for longer stages.

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