Via Alta Vallemaggia

Foto: Marco Volken

Some huts open as early as June, when the connecting sections are usually still covered in snow. Generally, the best season for trekking is between July and September/October. However, even in the height of summer, you are advised to contact the guardians to check the state of the route. Overnight stays must be booked in advance in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and find oneself without accommodation.

Capanna Cimetta

1671 m

Capanna Alpe Nimi

1718 m

Rifugio Alpe Masnee

2063 m

Capanna Alpe Spluga

1838 m

Capanna Tomeo

1739 m

Capanna Barone

2172 m

Rifugio Alpe Fontana

1651 m

Ostello Fusio

1289 m

Antica Osteria Dazio

1289 m

Hotel Fusio

1289 m

Villa Pineta

1289 m

Capanna Cristallina

2575 m

Capanna Poncione di Braga

2003 m

Capanna Basodino

1856 m

Albergo Robiei

2000 m

Rifugio Maria Luisa

2157 m

Capanna Pian di Crest

2108 m

Ostello GiovaniBosco

1500 m

Capanna Grossalp

1905 m

B&B Casa Moni

1500 m

Hotel Walser

1500 m

Munt La Reita

1430 m

Rifugio La Reggia

1450 m

Locanda Fior di Campo

1290 m

Capanna Ribia

1996 m

Capanna Alzasca

1734 m

Capanna Alpe Canaa

1843 m

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