Via Alta Vallemaggia

Foto: Roberto Buzzini

The landscape gradually gives way to woodland. The route is flanked by various types of forest, and instead of losing yourself in sweeping landscapes and distant horizons, you find yourself ever closer to that sense of inner peace and harmony that only trees can convey. 

The section between the Bassa Pass and the Maggia Pass offers a magnificent view of a region listed as UNESCO World Heritage for its precious ancient beech forests, namely the Lodano Valley. After a short hike to the Madone, the trail continues to Monte di Pino, located on a ridge affording breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. There follows a steep descent to the Garina Pass and a final ascent to Salmone. In theory, this stage of the trek ends on the peak, where there are plans to build a new lodge in the future. In practice, if you do not wish to sleep in the open, for the time being you will need to make your way back down into the valley before nightfall: the quickest route, via Auressio, takes approximately an hour and a half. If you feel up to it, you can proceed with the next stage.

Technical Data

  • Stage length

    10,3 km

  • Height difference ascent

    840 m

  • Height difference descent

    1130 m

  • Maximum height

    2018 m

  • Duration

    05:00 h

  • Difficulty


Attention! The walking times indicated refer to walking time without breaks and are calculated on the basis of parameters defined by Swiss Hiking Federation and experience. The actual walking times will therefore generally be higher, especially for longer stages.

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