Via Alta Vallemaggia

Foto: Roberto Buzzini

Climbing up from Tomeo, the landscape widens at every step, while the sun beats down on Monte Zucchero. At the Corte Piatto we veer left to climb the Bassa di Pertüs, where the Corona di Redorta – one of the most elegant peaks along the Via Alta – suddenly comes into sight. 

The topographic map suggests we ought to be able to round it on the left, up high, but at first glance there is no way through. As often happens, upon approaching we discover traces, ledges and aids… and the matter becomes less challenging than expected. A series of ups and downs through meadows and past boulders then skirts the slopes of the Madas and the Pizzo Campala. The exposed descent from the Bocchetta della Campala requires a final burst of concentration. Today’s destination: the Capanna Barone, a historic refuge in the Verzasca and a meeting point with those following the Via Alta Verzasca and the Via Idra. So many happy faces…

Technical Data

  • Stage length

    10,1 km

  • Height difference ascent

    1530 m

  • Height difference descent

    1100 m

  • Maximum height

    2564 m

  • Duration

    07:00 h

  • Difficulty


Attention! The walking times indicated refer to walking time without breaks and are calculated on the basis of parameters defined by Swiss Hiking Federation and experience. The actual walking times will therefore generally be higher, especially for longer stages.

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