Via Alta Vallemaggia

Foto: Roberto Buzzini

Randinascia: a small idyll; a microcosm of small valleys, peat bogs, alluvial plains, rocks smoothed by the action of the glacier, fascinating vestiges of a centuries-old human presence at the foot of the Basòdino, and home to an extraordinarily rich flora.

The shortest section of the trek is a good excuse to stop and admire the beauty of the landscape, listen to the silence and breathe in the scents: there is no hurry. The trail then continues towards Bocchetta di Val Maggia and over into the Piedmont region: Welcome to the upper Formazza Valley, the home of the Walser people, who settled there in the early 13th century. The German dia-lect of the upper Valais was once spoken here, as evidenced by the names of the lakes-Boden Lakes (Bodenseen); Lake Castel (Kastelsee); Toggia Lake (Fischsee). At Alpe Toggia is the Maria Luisa refuge, where you will be spending the night.

Technical Data

  • Stage length

    9,6 km

  • Height difference ascent

    840 m

  • Height difference descent

    530 m

  • Maximum height

    2633 m

  • Duration

    04:00 h

  • Difficulty


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