Via Alta Vallemaggia


The Alpe Fontana refuge opened

The dream of creating a high-mountain connection between Fusio and Lake Maggiore was born in the Valle di Prato. Over the years, it has grown into today's Via Alta Vallemaggia, an itinerary that encompasses the neighbouring Verzasca, Bedretto, Formazza and Onsenone valleys. Unfortunately, due to the fire that led to the closure of the Capanna Soveltra, the region on the slopes of the Pizzo Campo Tencia found itself orphaned of a fundamental logistical base. For this reason, a variant was proposed in recent years, leading from the Tomeo Hut via the Barone Hut to Fusio. Two spectacular and popular mountaineering stages that are quite physically demanding and therefore suitable for very well-trained hikers.  

Now the opening of the Alpe Fontana hut, in its simplicity and essentiality, makes up for this lack and allows hikers in transit through our region to walk the original route of the Via Alta Vallemaggia. The refuge is the result of a conservative restoration of a traditional building promoted by the Patriziato di Prato at the bottom court of Alpe Fontana, at 1,651 m. For the hiker, it is a true plunge into the past: no electricity, no insulation, a hearth, running water and little else. The hut can now be reserved online, as can all the other huts along the 200 km route.  

If for the Associazione Via Alta Vallemaggia it is a return to the origins, for the hiker it is the joy of once again being able to immerse oneself in the alpine world of the Prato valley. A vast territory punctuated by the courts of no less than six alpine alps: Campala, Soveltra, Fontana, C'amp, Larecc and Partüs.

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