Via Alta Vallemaggia

Featuring grassy ridges, scree slopes, Alpine lakes, small snowfields, wildflower meadows, rocky ridges, larch woods and passages equipped with chains, the Via Alta Vallemaggia offers a unique trekking experience for hikers seeking a ridgeway adventure in the Vallemaggia region.

The route traverses pre-Alpine landscapes with views across Lake Maggiore and decidedly Alpine landscapes including the Basodino glacier, with two variants to the north. It covers 200 km divided into 19 sections and alternates between red-and-white trails and blue-and-white Alpine tracks, including sections with difficulty ratings of up to T5–. Given the length of this multi-stage trail, it can be completed in various stages according to your preferences.

Covering around 200 km, the Via Alta Vallemaggia trekking route traverses a wide variety of landscapes with various types of accommodation and varying degrees of difficulty. 

Trekking dei camosci

A spectacular landscape of ridges, rocks, pastures and refuges.

A linear trekking route for expert excursionists running from the blue waters of Lake Maggiore through a challenging Alpine landscape of rock and scree with some airy sections.

Trekking dei laghetti

A journey of discovery through a landscape of blue lakes and skies.

A circular trekking route for those keen to explore the spectacular diverse landscape of the Alps, running along the foot of the Basodino glacier, with accommodation manned by wardens.

Trekking delle aquile

Discover the fascinating Ticino mountains from a bird's eye view.

A linear ridgeway route ideal for families with children seeking an unforgettable experience in the mountains as well as for beginners seeking their first ridgeway adventure.


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    A part of the Maggia Valley was scarred by the cloudburst that struck on the night of Saturday, June 29 and Sunday, June 30, 2024.

    Update 17.07.2024 - The Fusio-Poncione di Braga stage is closed as the bridge in Casgioléir (Peccia Valley) is unusable. The Fusio-Naret trail is accessible.

    Snow on mountain trails: especially in areas less exposed to the sun, many channels are still covered by residual snowfields. The stages still closed due to this factor are: Maria Luisa-Pian Crest; Maria Luisa-Cristallina; Cimalmotto-Ribia.