Via Alta Vallemaggia

Featuring grassy ridges, scree slopes, Alpine lakes, small snowfields, wildflower meadows, rocky ridges, larch woods and passages equipped with chains, the Via Alta Vallemaggia offers a unique trekking experience for hikers seeking a ridgeway adventure in the Vallemaggia region.

The route traverses pre-Alpine landscapes with views across Lake Maggiore and decidedly Alpine landscapes including the Basodino glacier, with two variants to the north. It covers 200 km divided into 19 sections and alternates between red-and-white trails and blue-and-white Alpine tracks, including sections with difficulty ratings of up to T5–. Given the length of this multi-stage trail, it can be completed in various stages according to your preferences.



In cammino sul crinale

Vivi le emozioni della Via Alta Vallemaggia dal 21 dicembre 2020 al 2 gennaio 2021, da lunedì a sabato, alle 20.40 su RSI LA 1.

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What's new in the bookstore

The new book on the Via Alta Vallemaggia, by the author Roberto Buzzini, with contributions by Bruno Donati, Marco Volken, Christian Ferrari and Romano Venziani, is on sale. 320 pages, Salvioni Edizioni.

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One night for two in tent

Sleeping in one of the tents managed by the Alpine huts located along the Via Alta Vallemaggia allows you to safely discover the most adventurous side of the mountain without giving up the usual services.

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